Priyanka Gandhi aimed straight: 'Yogi has worn saffron, but this saffron is not yours'

Priyanka Gandhi

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has accused the Uttar Pradesh government that it is taking action to take revenge against the people opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act and is registering a serious case against them

Priyanka Gandhi also attacked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's revenge statement saying that he has worn Yogi's clothes but he does not know its meaning.

He said, "The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has worn Yogi's clothes, wearing saffron, but this saffron is not yours. This saffron is the religious, spiritual tradition of Hindustan. It is the mark of Hinduism. Holding that religion Do it. There is no place for pip, violence and vengeance in that religion. "

He referred to the Mahabharata, saying that violence, revenge, anger are not the place of these things in the soul of this country, and when Shri Krishna gave a discourse to Arjuna, he did not talk of revenge, did not talk about Ranja, he had compassion and Sense of truth.

Priyanka Gandhi said that a delegation of the UP Congress Committee met Governor Anandiben Patel and handed over documents in which there are many examples which show that the administration and police are upholding the statement that the Chief Minister has made to take revenge.

The Congress general secretary said, "This may have happened for the first time in history when a chief minister has said that he will take revenge against the people."

He alleged that according to media reports and government reports, so far 5500 people have been detained and 1100 have been arrested. But unofficially this number is very high.

Ask for four

Priyanka Gandhi said that she has met the Governor and placed four demands before him.

1 - The Home Department and the Police DGP of the UP government issued an urgent order to immediately stop the violent, illegal and criminal action being taken by the police and the government.

2 - An immediate inquiry should be ordered into the veracity of the lawsuits against those who are protesting peacefully under the supervision of the present High Court Judge or retired High Court Judge.

3 - The sealing or confiscation of properties and other punitive actions should be immediately stopped without completing the judicial process.

4 - No educational and legal action should be taken against students who are protesting peacefully.

Although Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma has responded to Priyanka Gandhi's allegations on behalf of the UP government, he has said in response that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has not given a revengeful statement.

Priyanka Gandhi said in her press conference on the issue of their security that for them the issue of their security is not big, but for them the problems of the people of the state are a big issue.

Although Union Minister of State for Home Affairs G. On the issue of security of Priyanka Gandhi, Kishan Reddy has said that it is the habit of Sonia Gandhi's family members that they do not care about the security cordon and do not inform the security officials about their arrival.

At the same time, Union Minister and BJP MP Sanjeev Balian has said that Priyanka Gandhi violates the protocol so that the media shows her on television.