Priyanka Gandhi's claim - UP police strangles me, scuffles

Priyanka Gandhi's

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has claimed that a woman policeman in Lucknow grabbed her by the neck and scrambled

Priyanka claims that while she was going to the house of a retired police officer arrested for opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act, an attempt was made to stop her and it all happened in the meantime.

In this regard, the Uttar Pradesh Police has issued a statement saying that Priyanka Gandhi's claim is wrong.

The police say that Priyanka Gandhi was not going on her prescribed route and was going on another route and due to security, her path was stopped.

76-year-old former police officer S.R. Priyanka first sat behind a scooter to go to Darapuri's house and then also walked on foot. Darapuri was arrested this week for opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Priyanka has also posted a video on her Facebook page, in which she is walking and is accompanied by Congress workers.

With this video, Priyanka wrote, "What is this action of the Uttar Pradesh Police? Now we are being prevented from going anywhere. I go to the house of retired police officer and Ambedkarite social activist SR Darapuri The UP police picked him up from home for peacefully opposing the NRC and the citizenship law. "

Priyanka claimed, "I was forced to stop and the female officer grabbed my throat. But my determination is firm. I stand with every citizen of police repression in Uttar Pradesh. I have Satyagraha."

He wrote, "The BJP government is acting with cowardice. I am in charge of Uttar Pradesh and I will not decide where I will go in Uttar Pradesh."

Police's statement

After the allegations of Priyanka Gandhi, the Lucknow Police has released its statement. Lucknow SSP Kalanidhi Naithani said that the DMC Archana Singh, the jurisdictional MCR, has written to him that today Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was visiting Lucknow.

It has been written in the letter that Archana Singh's duty was as Fleet in-charge and Priyanka Gandhi did not go on her prescribed route and started on another route due to which her path was blocked.

It has been further written in this letter that in view of Priyanka Gandhi's security, her convoy was stopped and details of the route ahead of her were sought but the party workers did not give any information about it. Also, it has been said in the letter that the scams being spread on social media are absolutely untrue.

The convoy stopped: Priyanka

According to the news agency ANI, Priyanka Gandhi said, "When I was going to meet Darapuri ji's family, the UP police stopped me. They caught my throat and shook me. When I was sitting on the two-wheeler of the party worker Then she surrounded me. After that I reached there on foot. "

The Congress General Secretary says that earlier when she was going to Darapuri's house with her convoy, she was stopped by policemen.

According to news agency ANI, Priyanka said, "They stopped me in the middle of the road. They had no reason to stop me. God knows why they did this."

Congress became aggressive

After Priyanka Gandhi's claim, Congress leader Sushmita Dev held a press conference and accused the UP police of a scuffle.

He said, "Priyanka Gandhi was besieged and this happened when there were less than five people in her car and it was not even in violation of Section 144. The way the police personnel scrambled, it seems that the UP Police Security To have or to torture? "

Sushmita also claimed that Priyanka Gandhi got hurt due to the scuffle. He said, "My question to Chief Minister Ajay Bisht (Yogi Adityanath) is that 18 people have died in UP. How did 12 of these people die because of the bullet? I demand that the UP Police who scrambled Priyanka Gandhi These employees should be dismissed. "

"Priyanka Gandhi never took such a step that disturbed the peace of UP. Earlier, she was imprisoned in Sonbhadra. If the government of Ajay Bisht thinks that they can suppress protesters and protesters with bullets, then we Want to tell them that they will not be able to do this. "

The Congress leader said, "We demand that his government be sacked. The UP Police today crossed all its boundaries."