Rahul Gandhi said - NPR-NRC is tax on poor like demonetisation

Rahul Gandhi on NPR-NRC

Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi has once again targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi

 He called NPR and NRC an attack on the poor people of the country.

Rahul has accused the central government of failing on the economic front and wasting the country's time through NPR and NRC.

Talking to reporters in Chhattisgarh on Friday, he said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself could not understand why such a condition of the economy has happened.

He said that instead of answering questions like sluggishness and unemployment in the economy, the people of the country are being tried to line up for NPR and NRC like demonetisation.

The Congress MP also said that if the economy of the country is measured in the old way, then its condition will get worse.

Earlier on Thursday morning, Rahul Gandhi had said by tweeting, "RSS Prime Minister lies to Bharat Mata". With this tweet, he shared a BBC video which had a report of an under construction detention center in Assam.

Through this tweet, he had questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement in which he said that there is no Detention Center in the country.

A simple target on PM Modi

In Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gandhi said that the central government is unable to explain why they have torn the country's economy.

He said, "Earlier the whole world believed that China and India were moving together fast on the economic front. But now the whole world is being told that violence is happening in India, women are not allowed to walk on the streets . "

"Unemployment has been the highest in the last 45 years. But Narendra Modi is unable to explain about it. He may not be able to understand what happened, how it happened. Earlier he used to joke but now the Prime Minister cannot do his job Are. "

The former Congress president said, "There is no purchase, factories are closed. There is simple economics but the prime minister probably does not understand."

'NPR-NRC' type of tax

Rahul Gandhi gave the National Population Register (NPR) and National Register of Citizens (NRC) a tax treaty on the public like demonetisation.

In response to a question about NPR, he said, "The time of the country is being wasted. Demonetization has been done, three lakh 50 thousand crores rupees of farmers and laborers were withdrawn and given to 10-15 people of the richest."

"NPR and NRC are a tax on the people of India. Understand demonetisation, it was a tax on poor people. Go to the bank, give money and do not withdraw money from your account."

Describing NPR as demonetisation, he said, "This is the same thing. The poor man will go to the officer, show the paper and if the name is a little wrong, then bribe will have to be paid. Money will be given to the same 10-15 people out of crores of pockets." . "

Economy deteriorating

Rahul said that the condition of the economy is bad and the public is very upset. In this situation, he called an attack on poor people to bring NPR.

He said, "This is an attack on the poor people. The public is upset. The poor man is asking how we will get employment."

The former Congress president said, "The GDP growth rate of the country has come down from nine percent to four percent. That too, when it is being measured in a new way. If we measure the old way then the rate of growth of the economy will be two and a half percent."