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Citizenship Amendment Act
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Assam: What do BJP MLAs want from Chief Minister Sonowal on Citizenship Amendment Act?

"We have full faith in Sarbananda Sonowal. We cannot consider any other option. But there may be a technical default for everything that is happening (opposition) at this time. Consulting this in Delhi." Our Legislature Party is scheduled to meet on Saturday with the Chief Minister at his residence on this issue of the Citizenship Amendment Act. The MLAs of Upper Assam are sitting in fear. They are divided among themselves. We will put our point before the Chief Minister. "

BJP MLA from Dibrugarh Prashant Phukan said something like this in the midst of protest against the citizenship amendment law in Assam.

In 2006, when Prashant Phukan was first elected as an MLA from Dibrugarh on a BJP ticket, Sarbananda Sonowal was a member of the Dibrugarh Lok Sabha seat from the regional party Asom Gana Parishad (AGP). Prashant Phookan, who has been BJP MLA from Dibrugarh for three consecutive times, has not yet gone to his constituency, given the situation arising out of the protest against the CAA.

Legislator Phukan is afraid that people should not vent their anger on him. Therefore, he has been staying in the MLA residence in Guwahati for a long time.

In fact, earlier protesters had stoned and vandalized the house of Chief Minister Sonowal, Union Minister Rameshwar Teli and many other BJP leaders.

BJP MLA Phukan now wants the Chief Minister to go to Delhi to resolve the matter and talk to Union Home Minister Amit Shah on the issue there.

Phukan says, "There are four important points, I will talk with CM Sonowal on them. The first points will be our language. The Assamese language will have to move forward. Because the Assamese language will go on in Assam. Also the land policy changes and six Tribes should be given ST status and the fourth point is section 6 (a) of the Citizenship Act. If these four points are corrected then the people The Ussa can be reduced. "

The implementation of the citizenship law will have a major impact on the Assamese language. The risk of Assamese people being a linguistic minority in their own state will increase.

Actually, the Bengali-speaking Muslims in Assam used to write their own language Bengali earlier, but after settling in Assam, they accepted the Assamese language as their language.

Assamese speak about 48 percent of the population in the state. But if Bengali-speaking Muslims leave the Assamese language, then it will remain 35 percent. Whereas in Assam, Bengali speaking is 28 percent and with the implementation of this law it will reach 40 percent.

Anger in Assamese people
After all, why is the Assamese people so angry against this disputed law?

MLA Phukan told , "There is protest in the state but some people are spreading the wrong thing that 2 crore people from Bangladesh will come here for citizenship. Some are saying 3 crore will come. They are misinterpreting the law. Whereas nothing like this will happen. No new person from outside Assam will come for citizenship. Our government will give citizenship to those who are already here Are living. "

Even though the BJP MLA was speaking all these things very easily but he was also admitting that his party failed to convince the people.

Earlier, BJP MLA from Sotia Padma Hazarika had said after meeting Chief Minister Sonowal, "All the MLAs have come together to review the current situation. We are seeing that the protesters are choosing the MLAs We are targeting. Therefore, we have shared our views with the Chief Minister. We have requested the Chief Minister to speak about the language, land and culture of the Assamese people. Take necessary steps for safety. "

More than 20 MLAs who were reluctant to visit their assembly constituency met the Chief Minister and apprised them of the anger against the citizenship law.

Sonowal Damage Control

This is the reason why the Chief Minister Sonowal, who held a one-off press conference during his three-year tenure, called a press conference on Friday and tried to reassure the people.

The Chief Minister reiterated his old saying, "No one can steal the rights of sons of Assam and there is no threat to our language or our identity."

But after this press conference, when the Chief Minister arrived in Nalbari city to participate in a peace rally, the All Assam Students Union also took out a protest rally there.

All Assam Students Union leader Akshay Deka said, "If the people of Assam do not agitate, they will get nothing. We will have to agitate to save the existence of Assam."

Sarbananda Sonowal, who rose to the position of Chief Minister of Assam from student politics, had gained a lot of fame as an 'ethnic hero' in the last assembly election, but the response that people expected from him about the citizenship law was probably the answer Did not give

Whatever statement the Chief Minister has made so far on the protest against the citizenship law in the state, why are people not ready to obey him?

Responding to this question, senior journalist Baikunth Nath Goswami told the BBC, "The Chief Minister is repeating what his central leaders speak. The Chief Minister is saying that there will be no harm to the language, culture of Assam. But only in the state Not only students, politicians, actors, intellectuals, senior citizens, lawyers, teachers are all against the citizenship law. There are many MLAs in BJP who The sulkily to understand and they are urged to amicable settlement the minister on this issue. "

He said, "80 percent of BJP leaders in Assam used to say regional slogans earlier that the national party has no relevance in Assam. Then they left the regional party and came to BJP. But these people were already happy with BJP's political agenda Were not and when the mass movement started on the citizenship law, they have been forced to think again because Chief Minister Sonowal and Hemant Vishwa Sharma are the same Let's say what Amit Shah speaks. At this time there are about 25 such MLAs in the BJP who are not happy with the role of the state government and the state BJP. "

Currently curfew has been lifted in Assam and internet service has been restored from Friday.
 Should it be understood that the ongoing protest against the citizenship law in the state has calmed down?

Responding to this question, journalist Goswami says, "This issue of citizenship law is a very sensitive issue for the Assamese people. It will not calm down so soon. The Supreme Court has given time for hearing on this issue on 22 January so for the moment here There will be no major agitation. But if the agitators get frustrated with the Supreme Court, there can be a widespread agitation in Assam again. "

Says Goswami, "This movement will now last for the next year and a half, that is, assembly elections. Many organizations like the All Assam Students' Union and the Assam Nationalist Youth Students Council, which are agitating, have leaders with political ambitions who have given the BJP on this issue of citizenship law Want to fight the political battle for removal from power. With the introduction of the new law, about 12 lakh Hindu Bengali people are given legal citizenship. Le will be making even further communal tensions. People then will perform on the streets and begin to be violence. Citizenship Law in Assam this movement is not going to end so soon. "

A large number of people have resigned from the BJP and its associate student organization Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad in protest against the citizenship law. Noted actor of Assamese films, Jatin Bora, recently quit the BJP saying that he cannot accept this law. Because their identity is due to the people of Assam and they are with the people on this issue.