The truth of Assam at the Detention Center, which PM Modi said was a lie

 Assam at the Detention Center
Image Credit: DNA India

I don't know why Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in New Delhi that there is no detention center in India

You can see that India's largest detention center is being built here in Matia. You can ask people working here This huge building is being built to keep illegal foreign nationals and the Union Home Ministry is also giving funds (money) for it. "

This is to say the social worker Shahjahan Ali present in Matia village of Gwalpada district of Assam.

In fact, at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that there is no Detention Center in India and he called it a rumor.

However, contrary to Prime Minister Modi's claim, this country's first and largest detention center is being built on two and a half hectares of land in Matia village of Assam.

Site-in-charge Robin Das, who is overseeing the construction of this detention center, told the BBC, "I have been looking at the construction of this detention center since December of 2018. Construction of this detention center in the same Matia village from December last year Work started. Arrangements are being made to keep three thousand people in this detention center. "

"Separate cells for women and men have been built here. We have completed 70% of the work of detention center. About 300 workers are engaged in completing this construction work without any leave. To complete this construction work Deadline was found for 31 December 2019. "

"But I sincerely hope that we will complete all the work related to the construction of this huge building by 31 March 2020. Actually, due to the problems during the rainy days, the work was slowed down a bit."

Responding to a question related to the expenditure on the construction of this detention center, Robin Das said, "A total of 46 crore rupees will be spent in its construction, which is being given by the Union Home Ministry."

World's second largest detention

Site Incharge Das claims that it will be the second largest detention center in the world after the Detention Center in the US. It will have all the facilities from the hospital and the primary school right outside the gate to the auditorium and special care for children and women.

At present, 1133 declared foreigners have been kept in detention centers set up in six different jails of Assam.

This information was given by Minister of State for Home in Parliament GK Reddy in July in response to the question of Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, this is the data till June 25.

Whenever Azidul Islam, who lives near Matia village, goes through this side, he is scared to see this detention center surrounded by high walls.

He says, "I have grown up in this area, but I have never seen such a huge building. If you keep human beings inside it, then you will feel scared. It is true that the problem of illegal citizens in Assam is very serious but The person who has been declared as a foreigner should be kept in detention center and sent to his own country instead of spending so much. "

Foreign national

24-year-old Deepika Kalita has been working as a laborer in the detention center under construction from the beginning. They know which people will be kept here.

She says, "Here those people who have not been named in NRC or who are not voters, I have been working here since the beginning. We are poor, we are working here and are working." Works here. The contractor pays 250 rupees daily. My name has come in NRC but I do not know how many people will be kept here. "

The 30-year-old Gokul Vishwas, who worked as a laborer in the same detention center, is named in the NRC, but he knows that those who have been declared foreign nationals will be incarcerated at this place.

Says Gokul, "I work here for the last few days. Here I get 500 rupees a day. It is going to be the building of the dentation center. Foreign people will be kept here. While working, I get scared thinking many times If my name does not appear in the NRC, I would have stayed in this jail. "

Family will be scattered 

In fact, Gokul has heard from many of his fellow workers that many of the laborers working for construction of this detention center are not named in NRC.

Amit Hajong, who runs a small tea and food hotel just outside this detention center, is very upset with his wife Mamta's name not being included in the NRC.

Amit narrates his problem, saying, "I live with my family in Matia Camp number 5 nearby. My whole family's name has come in NRC. Son's name is mother's name. My name has come but My wife Mamta's name has not come. We are very worried about this. "

"We husband and wife run this small tea shop. We are living with it. We work in this shop throughout the day, so some are unable to think. But when we go home at night, these things worry a lot It is happening. Every day we are seeing this huge building being built in front of the eye. "

"If my wife is caught and put in a detention center, our family will be shattered. How can I raise children without a wife. The son is five years old and the daughter is 2 years old. Whenever it comes to mind, I get scared. . "

Prime Minister's statement

The name of 19 lakh people was not included in the final list of National Citizen Register i.e. NRC released on 31 August this year, although the ruling state BJP is not happy about this NRC.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah recently talked about implementing NRC in the entire country within the Parliament. That means NRC work will be done in Assam again.

Whereas Prime Minister Modi said in New Delhi, "Those who are Muslims of the soil of India, whose ancestors are the children of mother Bharati. Both citizenship law and NRC have nothing to do with them, brothers and sisters. No detention of the Muslims of the country. It is being sent to the center, there is no detention center in India. Brothers and sisters, this is a white lie, it is a bad-intentioned game, it is a nefarious game. I am surprised that The lie can be the extent to speak. "

Social activist Shah Jahan says

"How can the Prime Minister speak about the Detention Center being constructed with the money from the Government of India? Everyone who comes here knows that it is going to be a Detention Center which will be the largest Detention Center in Asia. "