Violence in UP over citizenship law, five killed

Violence in UP over citizenship law,
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In Uttar Pradesh, five people died in a demonstration against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

After the violence in Lucknow on Thursday, the police was very cautious about the situation after Friday prayers.

High officials of UP Police continued to patrol in areas prone to violence. In Lucknow, Thursday's incident could not be repeated but in almost every district except Lucknow, the protests became violent and the police had to work hard to control them.

Where many protesters died?
According to the information, one protester died in Kanpur, Sambhal, Firozabad, while two people died in Bijnor.

IG of Moradabad zone Naveen Arora has confirmed the death in Bijnor. In Firozabad, one demonstrator was killed in face-to-face firing between protesters and police, while eight policemen including several protesters were also injured.

Petrol bombs were also thrown

Apart from this, there have been reports of stone pelting, arson and firing during demonstrations in Gorakhpur, Mau, Amroha, Bahraich, Bulandshahr, Bijnor and other places. Eight people are reported to have been injured in the firing by police and protesters in Kanpur. It is being told that the most violent demonstration took place in Babupurwa and Yatimkhana area where stones and petrol bombs were also thrown from homes.

Performed after prayers
Additional Director General of Police of Kanpur zone Prem Prakash said, "In some places there has been sporadic violence after the prayers of the people, but the police has controlled the situation. In some places people have been seen doing violence by putting clothes on their mouths, They are being identified. "

In Bijnor, a large number of people demonstrated after the prayer prayer. During this time some people also threw stones. Many journalists have also suffered injuries and news of a person's death in violence is also being reported. Similar incidents have also happened in Gorakhpur, Mau, Bahraich, Hapur and other cities.

Was it a police failure?

It is being told that wherever violence has taken place in the entire state, it has been followed by mosques everywhere and around mosques and the appearance of all was almost the same.

Senior journalist Yogesh Mishra calls it a complete police failure. According to him, "Whatever has happened, it is clear that the police had no input nor any preparation. Only after the violent protests on Thursday, a form was going viral everywhere in which people came out, All kinds of things were performed and written. "

He says, "The police and the administration either took this leaflet lightly or they had no preparation to deal with these situations. The failure of the police and the administration is visible in the fact that you remind people every day It has been said that Section 144 has been imposed across the state, despite this thousands of people are gathering on the streets, demonstrating and violence is also happening. "

Lucknow police turned into a camp

Meanwhile, in view of the violent protests on Thursday, the Chowk area of ​​Lucknow and the entire area around the mound containing the mound turned into a police camp since Friday morning.

On Thursday, during the demonstration in this area, not only violence took place but two police posts were also set on fire. During the violence, a person named Mohammed Vakil was also killed in police firing.

Although the police say that Mohammad's lawyer did not die from the police bullet, but the family members alleged that the lawyer went to the market to get ration and medicine and at the same time the police opened fire on the protesters.

Question on the seriousness of the police

Mohammad Vakil's cousin Shakeel told , "Nearby shops were closed so my brother went some distance. While returning, suddenly a stampede and firing started. During this time, the bullet hit the lawyer. Two hours later the medical college He died in the Trauma Center. The policemen did not even let us go to his brother, nor were we told anything. "

According to experts, there were already reports that such situations may arise on Friday but either the police and administration could not understand the seriousness of the situation or it could not be controlled.

Fear of involvement of external elements

Even in Lucknow, the police, PAC and RAF personnel along with the police, PAC and RAF personnel continued to patrol around the mosques and especially in the places where violence took place on Thursday but the police from the remaining areas of Lucknow were absent. Was seen

No official information about the violence has been received from the police and the government, but a large number of arrests have taken place across the state.

About 150 people have been arrested in Lucknow alone. According to Lucknow SSP Kalanidhi Naithani, other people are also being searched.

A top police official told on the condition of anonymity that all the cities of the state including Lucknow, where protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act have been held, are expected to involve outside elements.

'It is not easy to identify the protesters'

According to the official, "In some places, some people in the crowd, on the same pattern, are wearing black clothes in the mouth and are stoning and inciting violence. It is not easy to identify these people."

On Thursday night, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had said that the perpetrators have been identified on the basis of CCTV footage and whatever damage has been done will be compensated by the properties of these people. But the question is, will those who actually commit violence be identified?