What happened between historian Irfan Habib and Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

The dispute between Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan and India's world-renowned historian Irfan Habib, which started on Saturday, does not seem to end 

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan arrived in Kerala's Kannur University on Saturday to participate in the 80th edition of the Indian History Congress.

According to Rajayapala, during his speech, Irfan Habib "tried to physically stop him and heckled me", he said in an interview to a news agency, "As soon as I mentioned Gandhiji in my speech Irfan Habib got up and tried to move towards me.

My ADC stopped them. On the left, the Vice Chancellor and the security personnel stopped them and on the right my ADC. Then he came from behind the sofa and moved towards me. He stood there after which people started shouting, shouting slogans "

Following the incident, the Governor's office tweeted several successive tweets and wrote, "There was no controversy in the inauguration meeting of the Indian History Congress. In its 80th edition held at Kannur University, Irfan Habib raised some points on the citizenship amendment law. When the Governor responded to this, Irfan Habib tried to stop him by getting up from the seat. He said that the Governor should be given Maulana Abdul Kalam today The naming of Prahlad's no right, they should name Godse. "

But what does Irfan Habib have to say on this whole controversy? I called him on Monday evening to know about his response, where the procession of Indian History Congress was still going on.

He said, "How can I stop him (Rajaypal). He was surrounded by security personnel and I am 88 years old, so how can I stop him from giving a physical speech".

According to Irfan Habib, he must interrupt the governor, "When he referred to Abul Kalam Azad as Abdul Kalam Azad, he said about Muslims that Muslims of India are like water in dirty pond".

He adds, "It was a very agitating statement. I asked the Vice Chancellor to tell him to end his speech."

Irfan Habib said, "After telling the Vice Chancellor, I turned to the Governor and kept on talking to him. When he referred to Maulana Azad, I definitely told him that you should take the name of Maulana Azad and Gandhi. You do not need to refer to Godse. I have definitely said this.

Irfan Habib is seen as a leftist historian while Arif Mohammad Khan is considered a leader of progressive ideology. But the wires of both of them meet at one place and that is the Aligarh Muslim University with which both are related.

Violation of Indian History Congress rules: Irfan Habib

Habib says that the Governor's speech was inserted against the rules in the middle of the session.

According to him, according to the rules he had to speak only 10 minutes, not 31 minutes.

Irfan Habibi says, "Our tradition is that the convention starts with the caretaker president who I was. He makes a short speech after which he tells the incoming president to make a speech now."

Irrfan Habib was surprised that the Governor was given a speech at a time when his speech was not there.

The conference hall was barricaded into four parts

Irfan Habib also objected that the Governor's security team divided the conference hall into four parts where everyone was present.

"No one could go from one part to another. When I and those who took the stage refused to go on stage, a barricade was removed for us only for a moment."

Irfan Habib adds, "The Indian History Congress is being held since 1935. I myself have been participating in it since 1947. But till date, even in the British era, the security personnel did not interfere. "

According to him, what is the work of security personnel in the conference of history. They also demanded to remove it.

Irfan Habib said, "I said we will not go to sit on the dais with Governor Saheb till the barricade is removed. All our officials were with us. He took the same position. When he came to know that we would not go on stage, the police Removed the barricade and let us go "

Historian Irfan Habib angry with Governor's speech

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan started his speech after the speech of Irfan Habib and an MP.

He said that from his understanding this conference is on history but "here there are political speeches". Governor Khan said that the speeches before him mentioned Kashmir and citizenship amendment law.

On this, Irfan Habib said that he only said that the historian needs research for which internet and broadband facilities are necessary.