What is Russia's new hypersonic nuclear missile?

Russia's new hypersonic nuclear missile
Image Credit: the Independent

In the Russian Army, the first batch of Avonard hypersonic missile system, which is 20 times faster than the speed of voice, is included

 These missiles have a 'glide system'. That is, they are able to find their way. Also it will be impossible to target them. The Russian Ministry of Defense has given information about this.

However, the ministry did not say where these missiles were deployed. However, the officials of the Ministry of Defense had earlier said that they will be installed on the Ural hills.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed that "Avonard hypersonic glide vehicle has been inducted into the army at 10.00 am on 27 December in Moscow. This is an unprecedented success."

'Russia's power far ahead of other countries'
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that these nuclear-armed missiles can fly 20 times faster than the speed of sound. He said that with this, the strength of Russia will be more than that of its rival countries.

Putin said on Tuesday that Avonard missile systems can outperform any existing and future missile defense system. He said, "At present no country has hypersonic weapons, let alone the issue of continental rand hypersonic weapons."

He said that the West and other countries of the world are 'trying to compete with us'.

Russia has left America far behind?

Defense expert Jonathan Markus said that what Moscow has said about the induction of the Avonard hypersonic missile system into the army is really difficult to investigate. It can also be a step forward in field testing.

But President Putin's claim about this missile is also correct. Russia wants to move ahead of the world in terms of hypersonic missiles.

Putin said last year that his country is making such missiles that even the US defense systems in Europe and Asia cannot stop.

China is also making such weapons and it seems that America has left behind in the matter of these weapons.

They can fly at Mach-5 speeds

As the name itself suggests, hypersonic missiles can fly at Mach-5 speeds. That is, she can fly five times faster than the speed of voice. In hypersonics, a speed equal to the speed of voice is called a MAC.

These missiles can also be of many types. These can be cruise missiles or they can also be fired with ballistic missiles. When fired with a ballistic missile, these hypersonic glide vehicles break apart during flight and move towards their target.

The glide system is traditionally launched with most ballistic missiles, and Avonard hypersonic is a similar weapon. But as it goes out of the atmosphere, it can soon enter the earth's atmosphere. After that it glides and can fly for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

The beginning of a dangerous era in the nuclear arms race?

Last year, Russia's intelligence agency the Federal Security Service (FSB) raided a Space Research Center in order to give secret information related to the country's hypersonic missiles to Western spies. It is said that the FSB has the strength of about 10 employees of the space agency and in view of this, a director of the agency has been investigated in the office.

What makes these hypersonic missiles special is not just their high speed. She can also find her way by gliding at high speed. They can present great difficulty for existing anti-missile defense systems.

A person recently told me about it that it can challenge any missile defense system "through the atmosphere". If Russia claims that it has built a long-range intercontinental missile system, it will be impossible for others to target it.

Russia's announcement about Avonard states that a new and dangerous era has begun in the nuclear arms race. It is also a confirmation that President Putin is focusing on increasing his nuclear power and modernizing it.

This is a kind of indication that after the Cold War, the power struggle between the countries has started once again.

What will happen on 5 February 2021?

Some experts may also think that this development program of Russia is a long-term strategy to deal with the interest of America's anti-missile defense system. The US believes that Russia is under pressure to improve its missile system due to security concerns related to countries like Iran and North Korea.

Russia's announcement about the hypersonic nuclear missile comes at a time when the agreement to end the arms race inherited by the Cold War is ending.

On 5 February 2021, an important agreement between the US and Russia in 2010 'New Start' is going to end. Russia agrees to pursue the deal, but the Trump administration is unclear about it.

It is believed that many countries are making efforts to increase the stock of nuclear weapons. However, new agreements are needed to prevent this from becoming a race to accumulate nuclear weapons.