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  About Us

To resolve reader concerns and complaints about our content and enable us to respond or correct ourselves in a timely manner. We hope that this will help us give a voice to the struggles of poor and weaker sections of India and the world, which are being ignored by the big media.


In today's world, various forms of visual media for selling brands and products have become pipelines for the consumer. Even public broadcasting has succumbed to the advertisement. Maximizing advertising revenue means paying more attention to higher TRPs.

Balanced news coverage results in losses. A basic and critical perspective of risk cannot be taken. Urban poor and industrial workers are largely missing in the Indian media, or issues such as rural poverty and land conflicts have been eradicated. But advertising is the main source of media revenue. So it makes these compromises.

How these advertisers control the visual media.

Consider an important behind-the-scenes fact about news channels: collecting news for their budget is barely 5–10% of the total budget. International news coverage is almost entirely courtesy of Western news agencies, or feeds from international news networks. Naturally, the Indian media mimics the prejudices of the Western media, whether on the stories of West Asia or international terrorism. And for Africa and Latin America, they are almost invisible in the Indian news media.

But thanks to the Internet, there is a possible alternative to this flagship model of visual media. The Internet today has made it possible to reach many people in various locations with both written and visual content, with increased broadband penetration and the phenomenon of YouTube and Google Video. And this can be done at a much lower cost than what traditional TV channels need. The Internet has also shown us the power of networks: what a group cannot achieve if we are network workers and groups. An Internet site can become a hub, in which adding or posting other people can see their content as an open, collaborative space. It is with this vision that www.newupdate.online was established.